Thank you, Steve Jobs, for Letting Me Write

Since I was in college, the one thing that has been in my life nearly everyday—and for better or worse, nearly all day—has

Thank you, Steve Jobs

been my Apple. Along with one of those apples that grow on trees, turning on my Mac has been part of my morning ritual wherever I have been and in whatever state-of-mind I have been in, minus a couple of war zones that have made it impossible. But even in those times, I would sometimes move my hands like they were going over the keyboards writing my thoughts.

I have never been addicted to my Mac, but I’d say we’ve been pretty co-dependent—or let’s say the best of friends, a reliable friend I always cleaned up with only the finest soft cloth, a friend I could count on to help me stay bond to my other friends and family, a friend I never cheated on once, no matter how many times a PC tried to get my attention. A friend who would only abandon me when it was his time to go, like Steve Jobs today. But my Macs always left memories behind, a hard drive that recorded our history together and the history of my life for the time we were together. And I am glad none of them tried to erase me from their memory, at least until we were no longer together .

It hasn’t always been the same Mac, but it has always been the same genius bringing me my new model—as well as smaller ones, ones that were phones, ones that meant I didn’t have to endure the same 10 pop songs on the car radio, ones that are what I now use to read all the books I love, new and old. Some Macs have been better to me than others, but overall, I would be less of a person for not having had them all in my life—even the big, bulky ones that weighed me down, that refused to move with the times, that were serious baggage, but only in the best sense.

I’m old enough to remember life before the various Macs that have lived with me. I would be a different person without them, as we would have all be. The way I stay in touch with people, read, listen to music, watch films, study, figure out my bills—all the paper and machines that would be cluttering up my world if my Macs hadn’t helped me get it together. They have also been fun–playing with my Macs in all their forms is something my nephews and I have bonded over, unlike video games (their choice) or baking cookies (my choice).  Apples are our happy middle.

Most importantly, my Macs helped make me who I am today. I wouldn’t be a writer without my Macs, whether for fiction, nonfiction, for film or television or print. And if I weren’t a writer, I wouldn’t have discovered peace of mind. Whenever my Mac and I have been writing, truly hard as it is everyday, I have felt that I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. It couldn’t have done it without my Macs: I have weak hands and it is quite painful for me to write with pen or pencil and hard for anyone to read, including myself. It was only when I met my first Mac that I felt free to write.

So if you are wondering why this is posted on this blog dedicated to Middle East culture, it is because I would have never written anything about this part of the world if I hadn’t come here with my Mac. (And of course, because Steve Jobs was part Arab American.)

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Steve Jobs, for Letting Me Write

  1. Your story with your Mac remind me to my private relationship with my dairy book. I never tell anyone any secrets except my dairy book. People think I am crazy when I close my door and set down with my book and till him everything happened to me. Acutely, I prefer to call it my friend. He is just the one who understand me, he knows what I feel, what I think. I cannot control my hand when I start writing until I recognize that the page is finished and I have to switch to another page. I know my respond might be not interesting to some, however I am sure you will understand my inspiration to writing and sharing this beautiful feeling with others.


  2. My Daily Apple Bite

    First, i would like to take the chance and thank Steve Jobs from the bottom of my heart, as he provided us with great electronic products and unique designs throughout the years. I knew that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but i never thought for once that an apple bite would make an evolutionary turning point in the world. Since, I’ve noticed that people have converted from well-known electronic brands and bought Apple products instead to be used in their daily life. At the beginning, i thought that it’s because most Mac products are full of features, fast and thin which makes it easy to be carried everywhere. Yet, that wasn’t the only reason, I realized the importance of owning a Mac product nowadays to be a person’s best friend of all time.

    In a blink of an eye, you get attached to Mac products no matter how old or new they are, also what makes us more attached to it is that it lasts longer with us than other electronic products. Likewise, Laptops and iPhones gathered people in one way or another and that’s exactly what i love about Macs. It’s true that Steve Jobs passed away but he’ll always be a man who will be marked in history. In fact, we can’t thank him enough for introducing us to the various Mac products and inventions which took a large part of our lives. I hope Mac keeps making progress to be our number one product and to keep me have my endless daily apple bite.


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