The Golden Harvest

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If it were a woman, olive oil would be the Mediterranean’s Scheherazade, the great storyteller. Through hundreds of wars, Biblical times, and the current migrant crisis it has been steadfast, seeping into the culture, economics, history, politics, religion and food of this area for more than 6,000 years. In The Golden Harvest, the camera lets olive oil weave its way around the Mediterranean, stopping at different spots, introducing us to the colorful, often touching characters that inhabit the world of olive oil today.

Filmed and edited by an international crew in Greece, Spain, Italy, Palestine and Tunisia, The Golden Harvest introduces as to olive oil’s farmers, foodies, beauty experts, doctors, businessmen, scientists, activists and dreamers.

1 thought on “The Golden Harvest

  1. very informative and impressive information on olive oil, it has been part of middle eastern people diet and I eat since I was little child often for breakfast with tea I am talking about 100 year ago. Very enlightening subject. Congratulations,
    Abu Dhabi


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