Tor’s Palestinian Photographs: 1967 and 1977

Today my friend and photographer Tor Eigland sent me two of his photographs as his way of remembering 63 years of the Palestinian Naqba (Catastrophe).  Tor is Norwegian and he’s covered events around the world since the 1960s, but his most amazing stuff is of the Middle East (aside from his photo of Castro on his day of coming to power–which is pretty the much the photo of Castro coming to power).

Palestinian Refugees 1967

Tel al Zaatar 1977

4 thoughts on “Tor’s Palestinian Photographs: 1967 and 1977

  1. There is a big difference between 1977 and 1967 picture.
    But if we compare the picture of 1967 and 2011 we will find many similarities!
    First when I saw the pictures, the documentaries we watched about Palestine during the ZUMFF 2011 come to my mind. Really nothing changed much even the clothing style, still the same.
    Wish that they can live a better LIFE…


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