Tabouli: Derogatory or Funny? (Plus Some Tips)

Tabouli has been my number food group since coming here–easy, healthyish, and familiar, in that I stop by  the Lebanese Mill to pick it up, and it’s just one of those places where everyone knows your name.  But I can’t say that tabouli inspires enough passion in me for a song, as it does these dudes in the link below.  The beat is good, sure, and it’s funny in that way that Seth Rogen is sort of funny, but is it derogatory,too–not to tabouli but rather to Arabs, particularly Arab women?  So some people say.  Most would say it’s not art, either.  But I’ll give it creativity, kind of the way I’ll give Judd Apatow credit for creativity.

Go to and put in Tabbouleh Song.   Bon appetit.

My Tips for Making Great Tabouli:

-Keep it five parts finely chopped parsley (always flat leaf) to one part finely chopped mint.  You can use the food processor but be careful not to get parts of it to puree.  That’s just yuck.

The Way Tabouli is Supposed To Look

The Way Tabouli is Supposed To Look

-Very finely chop the onion and mix with lemon and soaked bulgar wheat (the fine grain kind)

-Use a lot less bulgar than an U.S. recipe calls for and make sure soak it for at 20-30 minutes before you add it.

-For that extra something something:  a couple of dashes of allspice.

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